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Tips, Tricks, and Tales of Travel By Train in Eastern Europe

Train Travel Eastern Europe

When our Eurail passes arrived in the mail in early June I thought, “We have plenty of time to plan this trip.” There was vague, nebulous idea that we would ride trains and see as much of Eastern Europe as possible. We knew we would visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as we could and that […]

Adventurous Train Travel in Eastern Europe

Train Travel Eastern Europe

Our Epic Train Journey Through Eastern Europe “Anything is possible on a train: a great meal, a binge, a visit from card players, an intrigue, a good night’s sleep, and strangers’ monologues framed like Russian short stories.” Paul Theroux Walking from our front door to the train station in our little town of Weiden, Germany, […]

7 Reasons We Can’t Wait to go Back to Bulgaria

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Bulgaria Really Surprised Us “Zellini Smokini” was the mantra we took from Bulgaria when we visited a couple of years ago. Okay, most people don’t go around yelling out “Figs! Figs!” but it just rolls off your tongue, especially when you yell it like a local. Eastern Europe beckons us. As we plan our next […]

Vignette – A Must Have for Driving in (Parts of) Europe


Driving down the autobahn can be a freeing sensation, especially when you get to one of those few open stretches with no speed limits. But you won’t get that experience in many other countries then Germany. France and Italy, for example, both have speed limits and worse, the dreaded toll booth. It’s bad enough having […]

A Visit to Two World Heritage Sites and Sofia, Bulgaria

For such a small country, Bulgaria has quite a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites and we hit as many as we could.  I’ve already told you about Rila Monastery, Nessebar, and the Madara Rider.  The other two we were able to visit were the Thracian tomb in Kazanluk and the Boyana Church outside of Sophia. […]

The Best Restaurant in the Cutest Town, Velinko Tarnovo

Bulgaria is full of quaint little charasmatic towns and Velinko Turnovo might just be the cutest.  As we drove in, we stopped to talk to a shepherd with a small goat flock.  He was right on the edge of town, and as we chatted with him, we could also view the huge and picturesque fortress […]

Who Let the Cows Out?!

The famous Shoppska!

Eating in Bulgaria I really didn’t know what to expect as far as Bulgarian food goes. Maybe a cross between borscht, gyros, and kofte. To be honest, even though I was looking forward to trying it, I really didn’t have high expectations. After living in Turkey, where the food is never, ever bad, I just […]

A Shumen and a Horseman

Leaving the coast, we headed north towards Varna, then inland towards Shumen.  We had heard about Shumen over and over, because it produces one of the best beers in the country and it seemed like a good place to spend the night, but first another UNESCO World Heritage stop, the Madara Rider. The very tiny […]

Two Black Sea Beauties – Our Bulgarian Road Trip Continues

Black Sea Beauties

Our Bulgarian road trip continued out of the surprisingly fun city of Plovdiv and over to the coast.  We wanted to visit some fishing villages, see some ruins, and even take a look at the world heritage churches. Sozopol Our first stop on the Black Sea was Sozopol.  We parked for free near the church, […]

Things To Do in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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After Melnick we wanted to drive north to Plovdiv.  Eveline communicated to us not to go all the way back up the road and then cut over, but to go through the woods.  According to her, we would have to go very slow over a very bad road with lots of potholes in it, but […]

Serenity in Rozhen

After we had experienced the hustle and bustle of Bulgaria’s number one tourist sight, the Rila monastery, we were in for a pleasant surprise upon entering the grounds of Rozhen.  It was clear from the outside that it would not hold the splendor and expansiveness of its larger brother, but Rozhen still sported the obligatory […]

Meeting our Match in Melnik

We kept driving south to almost the border of Greece to a small town, known for its wines, Melnik.  It was touted in the guidebook as a quaint little getaway town for urban Sofia-ites.  No, it’s not a Unesco World Heritage Site, but it’s actually on the tentative list, so the Bulgarians think it’s important.  […]

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