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The Top Tourist Sights and Places to See in Tokyo

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There is plenty to do in Tokyo! It is a fascinating city with plenty of sights, culture, and great food!  Here is our list of tourist sights and places to see in Tokyo. Hopefully, it won’t take up all of your allotted time in this amazing country of Japan , because even though Tokyo is a one-of-a-kind […]

World Heritage Nikko – Day Trip from Tokyo

While visiting Japan, one of the easiest world heritage sites to visit is Nikko.  A national park, shrines, and much more await you. Taking a day trip to Nikko will make your Japan trip that much more memorable. Getting to Nikko was half the fun, especially on a snowy January day.  The train takes well […]

Top Ten Things to do in Japan

Read: Top 10 Things to do in Japan

It’s Time to Go to Japan! Japan is a country where everyone is polite and the streets are clean; it’s has so much to offer the tourist.  If you haven’t done much travel in Asia, Japan is a great place to start because it has all the exoticism of Asia, but at the same time […]

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