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Christmas Dinner in Japan….KFC?!

Christmas Dinner Japan KFC

What?!  No KFC Fried Chicken for You This Holiday? Come on!  No fuss, no mess, just down home traditional foods that you pick up and share.  What’s wrong with that?!  If you’ve lived in Japan, you’ll know that the ovens can be very small and roasting a turkey might be difficult, if you can even […]

Cultural Exchanges and Making Lifelong Friends!

Exchanges Travel Better

Getting to Know Your Global Cousins For some reason, I just assumed that cultural exchanges were for students.  There are all types of student exchanges in high school and in college.  I never really expected there to be opportunities like that outside of school, but now I’ve been on a number of them.  So I guess […]

Best Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo by Area

Restaurant Tokyo

Yum! What delicious Japanese food do we want to eat this evening? Don’t you just love a Japanese restaurant? There’s no place on earth that makes picking your dinner without the language as easy as in Japan. Just bow, get up from your table, and drag the waiter or waitress outside…then point! Easy! We eat […]

Watching a Sumo Tournament! – Tokyo

Sumo Tokyo Japan

Sumo – The National Sport of Japan Every year, in January, the Grand Sumo Tournament is held in Tokyo. When we lived in Japan before, we spent all our winters skiing on the fantastic slopes of northern Honshu and spent all our summers traveling. We just never seemed to make the time to do the sumo […]

Japanese Street Food

Ingredients for Takoyaki

Japanese Street Food…sooooo good! Taiyaki, Yakisoba, and Okonomiyaki…oh my! Usually the best street food is found in festivals, and this is true as well in Japan.  However, there are some districts in Tokyo that always have that festival feel and the best street food can be found there any day of the week.  All of the snacks I mention here […]

The Top Tourist Sights and Places to See in Tokyo

Read: Tokyo's Top 6 Things to Do!

There is plenty to do in Tokyo! It is a fascinating city with plenty of sights, culture, and great food!  Here is our list of tourist sights and places to see in Tokyo. Hopefully, it won’t take up all of your allotted time in this amazing country of Japan , because even though Tokyo is a one-of-a-kind […]

World Heritage Nikko – Day Trip from Tokyo

While visiting Japan, one of the easiest world heritage sites to visit is Nikko.  A national park, shrines, and much more await you. Taking a day trip to Nikko will make your Japan trip that much more memorable. Getting to Nikko was half the fun, especially on a snowy January day.  The train takes well […]

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