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Boat Cruise On The Kazinga Channel, Uganda

Boat Cruise On The Kazinga Channel, Uganda

Up Close and Personal on the Kazinga Safari Cruise If you have ever been to Africa, somewhere near a river, you know to take the boat cruise that you are inevitably going to be offered. It’s a given. Why? One animal. Hippos! You can sometimes see hippos outside of the water, but if you want […]

Experiential Tourism – Isasha Lions Uganda

Experiential Tourism - Isasha Lions Uganda

“$150 fine if you drive off track,” read the sign in Queen Elizabeth Park. This came back to me unbidden when the researcher’s vehicle took a sudden left turn right through the high grass, with plenty of Ugandan Kob watching us as we sped by.

An Enchanting Encounter with the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

the mountain gorillas of Bwindi in Uganda

Wake Up! It’s Time to Track Mountain Gorillas! Our flashlight lay waiting on the nightstand, and when the alarm went off we struggled through the mosquito netting to reach it. We thought the lights would not go on since we were staying at an eco-lodge. The electricity is turned off between the hours of 10 […]

Tracking Chimpanzees in Uganda

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

If you have ever dreamed about being in the jungles of Africa, crashing through the forests to see the most amazing animals, like lemurs in Madagascar or hippos in Botswana, then chimpanzee tracking should be on your list. Dressed in khakis from head to toe, a camera banging about my side with a huge telephoto […]

The Best Itinerary for Uganda Self Drive

Best Itinerary for a Uganda Self-Drive

“Where should we go? How about somewhere in Africa?” This I asked Jim a few months ago. After road tripping in both Northern Africa, especially in Tunisia and Morocco, and going through much of Southern Africa hitting South Africa and  Botswana. I was bitten. Not by the tse tse fly, but by traveling throughout this fascinating […]

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