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An Amazing Road Trip Tunisia – A Travel Guide

Blue boat and aqua waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Our last trip to North Africa was to Egypt, which we loved, and we couldn’t wait to do something like it again. When we first started researching our Tunisia road trip, we found Roman ruins instead of pyramids. We were intrigued, until now all we had ever heard about Tunisia was the all-inclusive beach resorts. […]

On the Edge of Safe in Le Kef Tunisia

Le Kef Tunisia

Driving up the lonely highway towards Le Kef from Tunis, we were treated to the pleasant smells of mountain pines and fresh spring growth. The Kasbah looms large from this hilltop town watching visitors approach as it has for centuries. I have to admit, driving this close to the Algerian border caused a little nagging […]

A Visit to El Jem and Other Roman Ruins in Tunisia

One of the main reasons we wanted to visit Tunisia is to see the many Roman ruins that still exist, especially in Africa. We were amazed that the Romans spent so much time in this North African country, and really the only way to see them is by doing a road trip.  The Roman Ruins […]

Best Things to Do in Tunis, Tunisia

The day we arrived in Tunisa for our road trip, it had been raining. However, the clouds had parted over Tunis, and the sun shone warmly on the city. We decided right then that we loved it. We found so many wonderful things to do in Tunis, places to go, great restaurants, that we were […]

Tunisia Olives from Tree to Table

From tree to end product, this photo essay is all about those delicious olives! Tunisia olives are world renown, and surprisingly, it is one of the world’s leaders in olive production. Traveling around the countryside, especially during the olive harvest, you can witness the entire production from tree to market or even to the table. […]

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