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Livingstone and the Zambia Side of Victoria Falls

When I was a small girl I dreamed of living with the animals in Africa. I played “safari” where I had to save the hippos or elephants or monkeys. They would become my friends and like Dr. Doolittle I would have a special relationship with them forever. So, when we finally booked a safari in […]

Tunisia Olives from Tree to Table

From tree to end product, this photo essay is all about those delicious olives! Tunisia olives are world renown, and surprisingly, it is one of the world’s leaders in olive production. Traveling around the countryside, especially during the olive harvest, you can witness the entire production from tree to market or even to the table. […]

World Heritage Site Egypt – Abu Simbel

Egypt, well all of Africa really, is full of World Heritage sites and adventure. I love that this one, Abu Simbel, combines the two. Just getting to the site is quite the adventure. You can fly, which gets you there early in the morning, and you actually are finished and leaving before the other tourists […]

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