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On the Edge of Safe in Le Kef Tunisia

Le Kef Tunisia

Driving up the lonely highway towards Le Kef from Tunis, we were treated to the pleasant smells of mountain pines and fresh spring growth. The Kasbah looms large from this hilltop town watching visitors approach as it has for centuries. I have to admit, driving this close to the Algerian border caused a little nagging […]

The Gorgeous City of El Jadida, Morocco

UNESCO World Heritage Site El Jadida

The drive from Casablanca to Essaouira can be a long, hot and boring ride along the A7. While this may be the quickest route at just over four hours, it sure doesn’t show you much of Morocco. For a better option, if you have the time, take the coastal route for it’s sweeping views of […]

Visiting Volubilis – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Read: Visiting Volubilis - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A Little-Known Roman Ruin Near the Holiest City in Morocco Morocco is on everyones’ tongues lately. Visions of crenelated towers, orange juice vendors in a chaotic souk, and camel rides at sunset in the Sahara draw us to the top of the dark continent.  Over 10 million visitors a year seek out the exotic sounds […]

Marrakesh, a Magical Intro to Morocco!


Living in central Europe, Jim and I are always looking for ways to escape the winter cold. This winter we decided that a Moroccan Road Trip would be just the fix. We expected warm and sunny weather, and even though it wasn’t quite as warm as we expected, it was a sweet respite from Germany. […]

An Okavango Delta Safari in a Mokoro

Okavango Delta

On our road trip through southern Africa, our main goal was to experience as many safaris as possible. We saw the most wildlife in the country of Botswana. The Okavango Delta has a unique ecosystem that doesn’t follow normal rules, and in the middle of the summer (when we teachers have a good break) is the […]

Top 10 Things to do in Egypt

Entrance to a pyramid.

Bucket List Egypt- What are the Best Things to Do in Egypt? In the U.S., we grew up learning about ancient Egypt, the pharaohs, Cleopatra, the Egyptian pyramids, the flooding cycle of the Nile, all of it. All my life I looked forward to visiting the land of the pharaohs. It was with rabid excitement […]

Making Mint Tea the Moroccan Way

Want to learn how to make this delicious tea? Click here to learn how!

How many glasses of mint tea will you need before you become tea-drunk? After being in Morocco for a few weeks, even I become a little cranky if I haven’t been offered a glass of tea within milliseconds of arriving….anywhere!  There is something soothing, relaxing, calming about being offered the chance to sit and wait […]

A Visit to El Jem and Other Roman Ruins in Tunisia

One of the main reasons we wanted to visit Tunisia is to see the many Roman ruins that still exist, especially in Africa. We were amazed that the Romans spent so much time in this North African country, and really the only way to see them is by doing a road trip.  The Roman Ruins […]

One Day in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia

Before setting up our road trip to Botswana and South Africa, I had never really considered going to Namibia. How was I to know that one of the best places for viewing wildlife in that country was just a few kilometers from where I’d be anyway. When I found out, it was a done deal. […]

Best Things to Do in Tunis, Tunisia

The day we arrived in Tunisa for our road trip, it had been raining. However, the clouds had parted over Tunis, and the sun shone warmly on the city. We decided right then that we loved it. We found so many wonderful things to do in Tunis, places to go, great restaurants, that we were […]

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