How to Visit Botswana!

I am a budget traveler, but I have to tell you, we found out that to visit Botswana we would need to step out of that comfort zone. As we were preparing to plan for our trip, there was just too […]

Bird Botswana

Reflection #610 – Beautiful Metallic Bird in Botswana

Botswana was full of beautiful birdlife. I was completely mesmerized by the metallic wings on this guy.Such a gorgeous bird. Driving through Botswana on our own safari, Jim and I marvelled at not only the abundance of fascinating mammals but […]

Giraffe Botswana

Reflection #584 – Giraffe in Botswana

There’s nothing more awkward than a giraffe trying to drink water. Spread-legged and thirsty, this young one hurries to take a drink while his partner stands guard. And they definitely were smart to take turns, while the other watches for […]

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