The Top 7 Things to do in Stavanger, Norway

The Top 7 Things to do in Stavanger, Norway

Surprising Stavanger – Plenty to do! Stavanger is a gorgeous little city along the western coast of Norway. Docking at the port, it’s easy to walk into the main part of the city center for shopping, quirky cafes, and even a […]

The Not So Hidden Secret of the Aircraft BoneYard

The Not So Hidden Secret of the Aircraft Boneyard

I love airplanes! For a brief period, until my money ran out, I took flying lessons when I was 15 years old. I loved being in control, soaring through the air (C’mon I know you are surprised!) I loved the […]

The Magical Musée des Arts Forains

Finding the Quirky Side of Paris

The Magical Musée des Arts Forains Ah Paris! If there is any one city in the world that calls us back over and over again it is the City of Light. Paris changes as quickly as a model changes outfits […]

A Lesson to Remember at Flossenburg Concentration Camp

KZ Gedenkstatte = Concentration Camp Memorial Unlike the names of Dachau and Auschwitz which have been engraved on our brains, Flossenburg Concentration Camp is one of thousands of camps during World War II that no one has heard of, yet millions of […]

Top ten things to do in Bucharest

Top 10 Things To Do In Bucharest

A Weekend in Bucharest Bucharest was just another whistle stop on our grand Eastern Europe Train journey, or so I thought. All I really knew of the city was from recent history, Ceausescu’s center of power from which he systematically controlled […]

Baking The Perfect New York Bagel (with Recipe)

Baking The Perfect New York Bagel (with Recipe)

Manhattan, the center of New York’s finest bagel shops. When Jim and I go, we know that we are going to fill up on fresh bagels every day that we are there. We love them! My favorite New York bagel […]

Punting in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge or Gawking at Intellectual Greatness

Punting in Cambridge has been on my list for a few years, so in our rental car we headed north out of London. We drove into Cambridge under blue skies with the biggest, whitest billowing clouds. It was a stunning […]

Appetizers from around the world

Five Appetizers From Around the World That Will Melt In Your Mouth

For us, travel must include sampling the local foods, getting a taste of the region so to speak. Once we’ve found something we like, it’s time to dissect and analyze. Is this tasty morsel something we can recreate ourselves? For […]

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