Carnival in Venice

Attending Carnival in Venice should really be on everyone’s list!

Venice is an enchanting city, but during the carnival it is just mesmerizing. Everywhere you look folks are dressed up in the most elaborate and colorful costumes. The narrow walkways and bridges are packed with people. You just need to go with the flow, don’t really try to get anywhere specific.

If you are interested in getting great photographs, especially those without tourists in them, you will want to get up and walk around the bridges before breakfast. Many of the costumed groups have photo sessions early, early in the morning. It’s the only way to get away from the crowds.

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One of the best tips I can give you is to dress warm! It is frigidly cold in Venice during the winter, and more so because you just don’t think about it. When we went, we bought wizard capes and that helped to keep us warm, plus we felt more part of the group as we were sort of dressed up.

If you want to find out the entire Venice schedule go to this website, Venice Carnival 2014.

Have you been to Venice?  To carnival?  What did you think?  Any tips?


  1. Ha, ha that’s great on your wizard capes! I need to get Phoenix and a matching pair of those. I just would have never thought of Venice being cold so that really caught my attention. Are their places to watch the carnival while it’s in procession above or “away” from the crowds? I’m soooo not a crowds person. Good post, Corinne! 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, no Mike. When I say Venice is crowded, it is downright claustrophobic. If you want to see a carnival parade, they are in many cities where you can get a little bit away from the crowds.

  2. Venice has been on my bucket list for ages, but unfortunately I didn’t make it there so far. I’m a big fan of carnivals, so it would be amazing to see how much fun locals are having. Love the costumes, so colorful!

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