Drive and Hike the Stunning Cap Fréhel in France

Cap Fréhel, a stunning moorland at the top of France. Explore its coastline, lighthouses, and a 17th century castle.

Have you ever been to northern France, specifically Brittany? We rented a cottage for a week in Brittany and enjoyed eating mussels and oysters, trying out the famous galettes or savory crepes, walked through some amazing places like the World War Two sites in Normandy and cities like St. Malo. We also took a drive and a hike around the stunning Cap Frehel, not far from the town of Dinard.

Almost the entire coast of Brittany is lined with rugged cliffs high above the water. The waves are constantly working away at the cliffs, especially during high winds and storms, and in many places you can see how the underside of the cliffs have eroded. Where there is an inlet or bay that is a bit protected from the harshness of the sea, the water is still, turquoise and very inviting.

Cap Fréhel Lighthouse with people walking along the path.
Cap Frehel peninsula.

Cap Fréhel is a very popular destination, and we were far from the only visitors that day. The drive wasn’t a problem, and we found parking at all the pullouts, but we did not go on a weekend so that may have made a huge difference. Along the route, there are brown signs indicating the direction of the two lighthouses.

The moorland of Cap Frehel.
Pretty flowers dot the moorland.
The stone lighthouse of Cap Frehel.
The lighthouse has 146 steps to the top.

One was built in the 17th century under King Louis the XIVth’s reign by a builder who worked for the famous fortress architect and genius, Vauban (source). There was also one built much later in 1950. The newer lighthouse, for an entry price of 2 Euros, allows you to climb the stairs to the top for an amazing view. The parking lot for the lighthouses was completely full, and we drove around a bit looking for a space.

The defunct lighthouse.
The second lighthouse which is not in use.
Gorgeous views of the moorland on the Cap Frehel peninsula.

The landscape of the cape was stunningly covered in a colorful moorland. A moorland is a habitat of low-growing plants on acidic soil. The ground here is unstable and therefore there are very few buildings on the Cap. This moorland has many plants, but it is primarily covered with a fuschia-hued heather along with some other brilliant flowers.

Wildflowers dot the moorland.
An inlet on the Cap Frehel peninsula.
Turquoise water and pink flowers as we drive the Cap Frehel.

From the lighthouse parking lot, there are a number of walking paths that meander through the moorland and hug the coast. Even though we wandered for a couple of hours, admittedly we didn’t make much ground, because we took so many photos.

Driving along in Brittany, France.

A little further along the route there is a parking lot and a path to the fairytale Fort La Latte, also built in the 17th century. In case you were wondering, there is a little café and you certainly can get a latte!
A beautiful day in nature, it was definitely one of our highlights as we explored Brittany.

Have you been to Cap Fréhel?

23 thoughts on “Drive and Hike the Stunning Cap Fréhel in France”

  1. Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

    When we lived in Paris we went to Brittany often but I must admit I haven’t been to Cap Frehel. I love the west of France, it’s so rugged and wild compared to my south east coast, but then I love pretty much everywhere in France! Thanks for linking up again Corinne.

  2. Love this! The pics reminded me of my trip there two years ago. It was SO windy when we were there in June that my dog almost blew into the water. But really stunning scenery! Brittany is one of my favorite regions of France (if not my fave!) #allaboutfrance

    1. Magali, you’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of France! Do you have a favorite restaurant that you always take visitors to?

  3. Your photos are so beautiful! We’ve bypassed this part of France twice and it’s not something I hope to skip over again!

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