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Camping Season is here! There’s no better campfire treat than Banana Boats!   It’s one of my favorite camp recipes!
banana boats

Campgrounds are opening all over the northern hemisphere, camping season has arrived! I love camping and have done so all over the world.

I love sleeping under the stars, or in a tent, or when we lived in Alaska in our camper. I love setting everything up, and having conversations, singalongs, and lots of food by the campfire.

We have plenty of camp recipes and I thought I would share a few here as I get ready for making my shopping list for our camping trip through France and Spain this summer.

One of my family’s favorite campfire treats is the banana boat. Such an easy, but decadent dessert and so easy to make.

Each person gets their own banana and fills it with chocolate morsels and mini-marshmalows. Wrap it in foil, and let it get all hot and gooey. You definitely have to eat it with a spoon. Mm mm yummy!

Of course you can put anything you want in the banana, like nuts, candy, even pretzel bits, but I’m a purist. It’s only banana, chocolate, and marshmallow for me.

What are your favorite camping things to do and eat?

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  1. omg, Corinne! This sounds amazing! I’m pinning it for future reference. Thanks for linking up at BOTW! I’ve been barely able to crank out a blog post – I ‘m working on a huge fundraiser that is next weekend, and once that is over, I will be back and linking up at Weekend Travel Inspiration. I still have a Maui post to write! Have a great day!

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