A Boy and His Yak, Mongolia

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Yak-ety-yak! Don’t talk back!

Maybe you can see a glimmer of Dennis the Menace in this little boy’s eyes. He was about three years old and his antics certainly entertained us while we were staying in his family’s ger in the Orkhon Valley.

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boy yak mongoliaThe family consisted of this guy, his mom, dad, grandfather, and baby brother who was still swaddled up papoose-style.  Their small compound of gers were set in the greenest, most beautiful part of Mongolia and they had a full herd of yaks, a herd of goats, and about a dozen Mongolian horses.  They seemed to be doing quite well.

We were allowed to wander and explore as much as we wanted.  We walked through the yaks, marveling at their almost cow likenesses, but with a bit of a wild eye following us around.  They weren’t too sure about us.  Honestly, we were a bit cautious.  But this guy, this tike, this little spitfire…he wasn’t afraid of anything.  He had a switch that he brandished while running after the yaks, his dog trailing behind him and grandpa chuckling at his shenanigans.  Apparently yaks are not that threatening a creature.

It was such an enriching experience seeing how a nomadic people, still very reliant on their animals lives, and this little guy just made it that much more enjoyable.  I’ll never forget him.

Have you ever come across someone who really sticks in your memory and just makes you smile?

How to do Mongolia right!

We stayed and toured with UB Guesthouse.  They took care of everything, and we had a blast in Mongolia.



  1. So cute! In Cambodia I had a young boy come up to me at one of the less busy temples. He had this out of this world beautiful smile and eyes. He looked straight at me, and in perfect English…”MY NAME’S WAYNE.” We sat and chatted for quite a while, and I was amazed at his English abilities. I have a photo of him that I’ll try an dig out!

  2. Did the baby yak do any tricks like roll over, sit, speak, etc *wink* It and that little boy are darn friggin’ cute. In answer to your parting question my answer is – all of the time, Corinne 🙂

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