Bizerta Purple


I just love this photo of the Bizerta harbor in Tunisia.  It evokes a sense of work, not play, but enjoyably so.  Almost everyone is doing something.  There is no time to lay about.  It’s just a busy scene and I think it depicts northern Africa so well.  Tunisia is such a great place to visit.  We met so many not only friendly people, but people who would invite you right into their homes.  I was amazed.  We really got used to just coming right in.  We spent two wonderful weeks traversing the Tunisian highways and seeing some great stuff.  This shot makes me want to head back to Africa, maybe Morocco.  So far, I’ve only spent one day there, and I almost lost my daughter…but that’s another story for another time.  What hints would you have for Morocco?

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  1. What a great picture. I loved the purple reflections on the water. I wouldn’t have noticed the busy people at first glance. Glad you mentioned it. Your site is becoming an addiction. I love the comments, and stories that accompany the pictures. Great job and many thanks to both of you.

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