Best Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo

Yum! What delicious Japanese food do we want to eat this evening?

Restaurant Tokyo

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Don’t you just love a Japanese restaurant? There’s no place on earth that makes picking your dinner without the language as easy as in Japan. Just bow, get up from your table, and drag the waiter or waitress outside…then point! Easy!

The problem begins, however, when you are not always in a larger city where they can afford the pricey plastic food for every dish on their menu. Traveling in some of the smaller, off the beaten path, types of places that I love, there is not always the window menu.

The first time I really encountered a problem, there was no window, no menu to hold. There were only wooden plaques hanging on the wall with a foreign script on them. Obviously this was the menu, so okay, time to get into “fake it” mode. I ordered tempura. No, they don’t have that. Then I tried Katsu-don. Nope. Finally the exasperated waiter sounded like she was offering me something. I say “hai hai, Yes” and that is what I got. I have no idea what it was, but it was delicious so who cares?

Where have some of your more memorable eating experiences been?


  1. I love Japanese food too, Corinne, but it’s so darn expensive here, in the States. Your post made me laugh because it happened to me too to ‘fake it’ and be pleasantly surprised by what I ordered.

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