Batu Caves in Malaysia

A hot climb to the Batu Caves, but it was worth it!

Batu Caves Malaysia

I was just watching the Amazing Race on TV and their pitstop was the Batu Caves. They’ve been traveling through Malaysia and hitting a lot of places that we’ve just recently been ourselves. It’s so much fun to watch when you can really relate to it. However, with the Batu Caves, they only had to meet at the mat at the bottom. You can see the huge staircase behind Phil. There are a lot of stairs.

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My daughter, Erika, and I climbed those stairs and when we took a photo at the top with some fellow climbers we noticed we were the only ones that looked like pure hell! As you know, Malaysia is hot and humid and we felt every step. We hardly stopped to notice the frisky monkeys, because if we stopped we might not get going again.

Thankfully, the caves themselves were cool inside and we quickly started enjoying ourselves. The day we went there was some type of festival going on and there were many pilgrims. I was told that the infirm climb the steps and receive a blessing for health. I guess if they make it to the top, it’s certainly a good start.

Do you watch the Amazing Race? How many places have you been to that they’ve visited? What were your favorites?


  1. Though I haven’t watched it for a few seasons now (just out of time) I was a huge fan of The Amazing Race. And very cool to have them visit a place you’ve been to, Corinne.

    1. It is Mike! My daughter’s husband used to hate to watch the show with the four of us, that was until he get some serious traveling under his belt…now he chimes right in! Too much fun!

  2. You got to experience more than the Amazing Race participants. It’s wonderful to be blessed with good health to be able to hike and climb mountains of stairs and enjoy wonderful sights like this…

  3. I haven’t watched The Amazing Race in ages. Is the Malaysia stop on a recent season? I know that when I went to Penang’s Tropical Spice Garden a few years ago, they said they got to hand out a clue on The Amazing Race. Good for you for climbing to the top of Batu Caves. It’s a looooooong way up.

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