Jim Vail

Jim Vail, cofounder of Reflections Enroute, is a perpetual traveler who loves writing, photography, and learning and sharing more about the world around him. He's visited more than 80 countries and has lived outside his home country for over half his life in Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands. Least favorite question--Where are you from?

Driving Spain – What We Learned!

One of the beautiful whitewashed windmills seen on our drive through Spain.

Driving through Spain gave us fantastic views of mountains, rivers, medieval cities, and plenty of livestock from pigs to cows. We loved it, and it is surprising easy. Find out all about what it’s like to drive in Spain.

Driving Israel

Israel road sign on our Israel Self Drive Tour.

Driving Israel is a fun and relaxing way to see the country at your own pace. Car rentals are inexpensive and the road system is easy to navigate.

What to do on Mongolia Trip

A yak and a ger, a typical scene all over Mongolia.

“Mongolia?” Our colleagues once again looked at us with concern, or maybe it was incredulousness, or maybe just confusion. It’s hard to interpret their faces and words sometimes, but it always basically means, “What are you thinking?”  It didn’t stop us, though, it was planned and we were packed and ready to go to a country that really isn’t on too many people’s list. The trip we were going on was a nine day steppe, Gobi, wilderness road trip in a 7 seat, 15 year old Russian military van. Planning and Booking Mongolia We booked the trip the entire tour with Bobbi at the UB guesthouse in Ulaan Baator. After booking your hotel stay, contact the owners and ask them about their …

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The Fabulous Eggplant!

The Turks use eggplant (patlican) in such a variety of dishes from mezzes (appetizers) to the main course, it’s a rare meal out that I don’t order it.

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