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Corinne Vail is a world traveler, local food lover, writer, photographer, speaker, and teacher. Looking for the quirky and unusual as well as the best food around the world, she has traveled all her life. She’s lived in Turkey, England, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the Netherlands and visited over 90 countries with her family. Learn more about Corinne and Reflections Enroute on the About page.

How to Get the Most Out of Athens in Two Days

Athens in 2 days.

A major stop on any Mediterranean cruise itinerary, Athens still retains its charm while throngs of sweating tourists invade it on a daily basis. There is so much to see here, that a couple of days, let alone a couple of hours off of the ship just aren’t going to completely cut it, but it will give you a good taste! Here’s a couple of choices on how to see and experience Athens in two days and if you are only doing a stopover, in one day. We started our time here happy to be able to take an easy and cheap bus ride to the center of the city, or specifically to Syntagma Square. It’s the last stop and the cost …

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A Travel Guide to China

One of the reasons I think people travel, is to get out of their comfort zone.  There is no place better to do this than China.  It certainly was a lesson in our travel evolution. I’ve been to China on numerous occasions, and it has never failed to show me something new and exotic.  Very much like the U.S., China is so big that you cannot really get a sense of it unless you travel further than just Beijing.  Like in most capital cities, Beijing is crowded, busy, and used to seeing foreigners.  There is plenty to see and do there, but getting out and meeting the people will make all the difference in a trip. The first time I …

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Things To Do in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Read: Potholes to Plovdiv

After Melnick we wanted to drive north to Plovdiv. Eveline communicated to us not to go all the way back up the road and then cut over, but to go through the woods. According to her, we would have to go very slow over a very bad road with lots of potholes in it, but then it would be smooth and we could go fast. We did see potholes, many, many potholes. Some parts of the road seemed like they had been recently bombed.  It felt like driving through a maze, because even though the car was a rental, the holes were deep and wide. We never did get to go fast. I think we averaged 40 miles per hour at best. It was a scenic …

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