Australian Police Station

Australia is full of small, rural towns like this one!

Australian Police Station

When I’m traveling I love, love, love to get out of the big cities and find the real people and places, and in this case – real Australians! It seems that people are more willing to talk to you in a small town. We stopped at one restaurant and the 17 year old waitress just plopped down and had a great conversation about good beaches and what teenagers like to do. I just love that kind of thing.

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One of my favorite stops in Australia was a small town called Mt. Surprise that was really out in the middle of nowhere. We pulled up at the local cafe, ordered dinner, and when we went in there was no one around. No cars on the one road through town, no nothing. Dinner took about an hour and a half and it was getting dark as we left. When we walked outside we were in shock to see that all the cattle trains had chosen Mt. Surprise as their dinner or night stop. There was no space left on the roads at all, and those cattle trains are downright huge! What a surprise!

I think this photo really illustrates how small some of the Australian towns can be.  Can you read the hours on the building?  Hilarious!

Do you like to wander into the smaller towns when you are traveling? Have you been to some in Australia?


  1. Agness beat me to the punch with the B & W photography. I love the nostalgia it always presents. I’m a huge fan of Small Town America and talking to folks, Corinne! We are two birds of a feather there 🙂

    1. Mike, It’s all about the people. I’m a story collector, and I love to hear the stories people have to tell! And yes, I think you hit the nail…nostalgia…I like it!

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