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It's "A" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

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There is something special about seeing a mob of ‘roos bounding over the dry grass, especially at sunset.  We’ve been to Australia a couple of times and were lucky to see many kangaroos in the wild.  In fact, the wildlife was one of the main reasons we wanted to head “down under” and it didn’t disappoint!

One very special moment we had was at one of the hotels we stayed at in Noosa.  I got up early on a foggy morning to take a walk and get some photos.  I turned around and there was a small kangaroo.  It came right at me, which was a little disconcerting at first.  I didn’t know if it was dangerous or not.  After living in Alaska I don’t take the “wild” part of wildlife lightly.

This little girl was not dangerous.  She decided to come on the walk with me.  She was content just to follow me around and lean up on me for a pat, just like a dog!  I couldn’t believe it.  We meandered back to my hotel room where I introduced her to my daughters.

Have you been to Australia?  Have you had any special encounters with the wildlife?

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  1. Corinne, great start to the challenge. What an amazing experience. I’ve not been to Australia but have talked to a few people that have and they weren’t as lucky as you to have seen so many ‘roos.
    Looking forward to “B”

  2. We have been to Australia once – saw koalas but not kangaroos. I have an A to Z Challenge post on part of that holiday soon. Things did not go as planned!

  3. I love Australia too. We also had a cool experience in Noosa (you will see it for my “k” as we saw a wild koala). I am also doing travel photos from AtoZ. Looking forward to seeing where you go next 🙂

  4. Happy you visited my blog Corinne, so I discovered yours:-) Have never been to Australia, but would like to:-) Ahh- those kangaroos – so cute:-) Will definitely come back to follow your travels!! Happy to connect with u through atoz:-)

  5. We are heading off to Australia next year (currently planning the trip) and I hope we can experience the wildlife there in a similar way. Having never been out that way before I have an issue with certain wildlife that we may encounter, in fact I hope that we don’t encounter some if I am truthful, but for other animals it wouldn’t be a trip ‘down under’ if I didn’t experience them! 🙂

    1. Book Junkie! I agree; there are definitely some scary animals in Oz as well, but we never encountered any. Good luck with your planning! I’m sure you’ll love it.

  6. We have been to Australia and saw some ‘roos from the distance. Well we fed them at the zoo, but it’s not the same at seeing them in the wild 🙂

  7. Lovely that you started with Australia Corinne! I think you were very lucky the roo was so friendly..not many of them are! Good luck with the challenge..I look forward to your other posts!

  8. What do you know, Corinne? I found your site via a comment I was leaving on The Contented Traveler. We had the wonderful fortune of spending two months in Aussie, and fell in love. I know they see the roos as a nuisance, but we were enchanted. Eastern Australian beaches reminded us of our home area of Southern California minus the crowds plus kangaroos.

    1. Hi Donna, Yes, my husband is a Californian and he says the same thing. He’s more of a beach person than I am, but the wildlife we all like! I’m glad you found my site. Happy A-Z blogging!

  9. Darling picture and story, I would also have been a bit unsure about the “wild” part. Thanks for your visits. I’m with limited internet at the moment and so will be playing catch up a bit with the a-z, though I did get almost all of my posts written and scheduled ahead of time.

  10. We have never been to Australia but definitely want to go. I have heard great things about it.

    How cute that she leaned in on you for a pat. What a cool experience!

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