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A mountain view from the Alaska Highway

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Alaska Highway

We love to drive! It gives us so much more control over what we do and see, and take photos of, for that matter.

This is a mountain shot taken somewhere along the Alaska Highway, north of Dawson Creek. No matter where you are on the Alaska Highway, the views are amazing, and you get to see all kinds of wildlife to boot.

Don’t think you’ll be out there on your own, though. Especially during the summer, there is an amazing amount of people on the road, from small cars to campers and some trucks. If you go in the winter, there are fewer.


The first time we drove part of the Alaska Highway, we took the Alaska Ferry from Bellingham to Haines, and drove the rest of the way into Anchorage. It was mid-October, and we stopped in Tok for the night. There was basically only one hotel, and we checked in then went next door for pizza. Meantime, the other cars from the ferry all pulled in to the same stop and ate the same pizza.

We were pretty awestruck at the thought of living in the Last Frontier, and I engaged the waitress in conversation about Alaskan winters. We talked about how much further Anchorage was, and how cold it got, and how much wood they chopped before winter, and who knows what else.

At one point, she said, “Oh, I don’t even go into town in the winter. We wait until spring to do our shopping.” Well, to a newbie like me, I thought she was just saying that she couldn’t even go into Tok, because the winter was so bad. As it turns out, she meant Anchorage. “Town” was not how she described Tok at all. Even in my own country, I was seriously experiencing culture shock.

I experienced this over and over during the time I lived in Alaska. How about you, have you even experienced culture shock in your own country?

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