A Weekend in Tbilisi

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Take Me To Tbilisi!

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Why Tbilisi? We had come to Georgia for a one week road trip without any real expectations. Georgia had gone through some rough times with Russia not too long ago, but everything we read said it was safe enough. For us, this was an undiscovered country.

Tbilisi is still undergoing some serious rebuilding, but much of the old town has been restored to its prior glory. You can see, almost as if there is a demarcation line, the advancing cleanup and restoration. It is a fascinating city and this week’s subject for our Weekend Travel Inspiration Video. So sit back, grab a plateful of steaming khinkali, and enjoy!

You will probably be flying into Georgia, so find out how to get from the Tbilisi airport to the city and start your adventures! You can read more about our adventures in Georgia, the country, here.



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  1. Loved the video — what a fascinating place to visit. The music and dance really set the mood! And I’m curious, what were the small dome-shaped buildings towards the end of the video? They were too small to be homes.

  2. Georgia is one of those countries that I really hope to get to sometime soon! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Loved the video. It is so endearing and you have captured the enchanting beauty of Tbilisi wonderfully. Was not aware of the place till now. I always wonder at the sheer number of these kind of hidden gems across the world.

  4. Loved the photos, especially the gorgeous woman sitting on the railing. 😉
    Always thought Georgia as a brown, dry place. It’s a pleasant surprise. 🙂

  5. This video was fascinating to watch. I had zero mental images of Georgia, and now I do. The music really added to the energy. And now I really do want to go and see it for myself.

  6. Looks fantastic! I like to travel to places that take me out of my comfort zone too. The thing is that sometimes you think a place would do that for you but it ends being an “easy” to travel country. So, it is nice when a place really challenges you in a different way. I love reading and seeing pictures of those lesser known and visited European countries. I follow a Polish blogger that writes a lot about those countries and she ignites my wanderlust even more. #wkendtravelinspiration

    1. Ruth, I hear you! I do think our travel paradigm has shifted and it gets harder to be put out of our comfort zone…but I love it when it happens.

  7. I loved the dancing in the video and the statues on th bridge are fun. Thanks for an inside view of the bath house (are those domes the top of the bath house?)

  8. Loved the I (heart) tbilisi sign. It reminds me of the I Amsterdam sign. Interesting video – the faceless woman statue is intriguing. Thanks for the heads up about Georgia and Tbilisi, adding them to my list.

  9. Georgia (Tbilisi in particular) has a really rich tradition in terms of its architecture. Awesome video by the way. I also checked out the link you shared (Exploring Tbilisi: Our Top 10 List). I really learned a lot about the place.

  10. I spend few days in Tbilisi 5 years ago and LOVED it. Plus it’s the perfect starting point to explore a gorgeous (still not much known) country

  11. Love the video, looks a really interesting place to roam around and explore. Not too busy either, still relatively undiscovered. Not sure how tourism will develop with Russia still trying to flex its muscles around the former republics.

  12. What a beautiful place! I have never been only the hubby he had a game there and sent my pics! I do know that they have great wine! Loved your video and the music is fabulous! Very fun to watch! 🙂

  13. I think it’s wonderful you tried to take yourselves out of your comfort zone. The video is a great way to showcase an interesting and little-known destination. I want to go to Tbilisi!

  14. Great video! I love the dancers, and the music was perfect. 😀

    I want to go to Georgia so badly since it’s so close. As soon as I find a cheap flight, I’m going! 😀

  15. I loved your video, absolutely amazing. Had not heard of this hidden gem in Georgia. Definitely looks like a place worth visiting!

  16. Tbilisi seems like a really interesting place – cool video! Looks like the city has a really big contrast between old and new, traditional architecture and modern – I’ve actually been hearing some really good things about travel to Georgia, mainly from those who promote off the beaten path travel – I would love to visit, seems like a real hidden gem!

    1. Megan, I do think you would enjoy it. There are plenty of things to do, a good mix as you said. We loved some of the cultural items such as going to the public baths.

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