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Rendezvous with Rovers with Chris of One Weird Globe

Welcome to another inspirational traveler interview. This week on Rendezvous with Rovers, we’ve interviewed Chris from One Weird Globe. Chis is a full-time traveler, so he has plenty to share. Tell us a little about yourself.  Tell us a little about where you are from and if you recommend it to people as a travel […]

Rendezvous with Rovers – Sandy and Vyjay of Voyager

Welcome back to our Rendezvous with Rovers travel interview series. We love connecting with other like-minded folks, because we are so inspired by their stories. This week, we interviewed Sandy and Vyjay, who we’ve followed online for a few years. Their blog is called Voyager. Tell us a little about yourself. We are Sandy & Vyjay, […]

Rendezvous with Rovers – Veronika from Travel Geekery

Welcome back to some Weekend Travel Inspiration! On our traveler interview series, Rendezvous with Rovers, we welcome Veronika and her experiences and blog called Travel Geekery. I love that name, don’t you? Veronika has traveled all over Europe, and has taken some longer distance vacations, too. Take a look at her travel vision! Tell us […]

Rendezvous with Rovers with Nathan of Foodie Flashpacker

Welcome to Weekend Travel Inspiration and another traveler interview on our Rendezvous with Rovers series. This week we interview Nathan from Foodie Flashpacker. You may remember Nathan from a guest post he did on our site on the food of the Azores. Read on and find out all about Nathan’s travels. Tell us a little about […]

Rendezvous With Rovers – Tamason From Travelling Book Junkie

Welcome back to our inspiring interview series, Rendezvous with Rovers, where we continually get inspired by these intrepid travelers and travel bloggers. This week we’re introducing you to Tamason of Travelling Book Junkie. Tell us a little about yourself.  Originally from the UK we always knew that travel would be a major part of our […]

Rendezvous With Rovers – Claire From Tales From A Backpacker

Traveler Interview with Claire from Tales From A Backpacker This week, we’re excited to introduce to you another inspiring traveler and blogger, Claire from Tales of a Backpacker to our Rendezvous with Rovers series where we slurp up every word from travelers who’ve been out there having some amazing experience. Tell us a little about […]

Rendezvous With Rovers – Thais from World Trip Diaries

Traveler Interview with Thais This week on Rendezvous with Rovers, we learn all about Thais and her family’s travels. She runs the blog, World Trip Diaries, where she talks about all the places they’ve been and things they’ve been up to for the last few years. Tell us a little about yourself.  Who travels with […]

Rendezvous With Rovers – Shannon From Lives Abroad

A Virtual Meetup with Shannon of Lives Abroad Welcome back to our Weekend Travel Inspiration series A Rendezvous with Rovers. In this series, we virtually meet up with some intrepid souls who love traversing the planet and talking (or blogging) about it. This week we meet Shannon who runs the Lives Abroad, and she’s been […]

Rendezvous With Rovers – Laurence and Jessica

Traveler Interview with Laurence and Jessica Welcome back to yet some more weekend travel inspiration as we discover two of my favorite travelers. Jessica and Laurence run two blogs, both started before they even met. In fact, they met because they were travel bloggers, and well, the rest is history. Let’s find out more about […]

A Rendezvous With Rovers – Geoff and Katie From Wandertooth

We Love a Rendezvous! Welcome back to our series of interviews, where we get together with the most inspiring and intrepid travelers.  This week we are interviewing Geoff and Katie, a Canadian couple who’ve been on the road for some time. Together they run the travel blog Wandertooth where they regale us with plenty of […]

Rendezvous with Sage of Everyday Wanderer

Welcome back to a Rendezvous with Rovers, where we interview intrepid travelers. This week we are highlighting Sage from Everyday Wanderer. I’ve been following Sage for at least a couple of years and have really enjoyed her storytelling skills. I’m sure you will, too. Have a look-see! What is your philosophy on travel? I believe […]

Rendezvous with Chelsea of The Portable Wife

Welcome to a Rendezvous with Rovers, our traveler interview series. We’d like to start your weekend off with some amazing travel inspiration. This week we interviewed Chelsea of The Portable Wife. We have a lot in common as she is an expat living in the UK, and I’m here in Japan, a country she loves. […]

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