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Passports or Pass with Kaylie and Taran

Passports or Pass with Kaylie and Taran

Welcome back to our travel game show, Passports or Pass, where we interview travel bloggers and travel experts from around the globe! This episode we delve into the intrepid minds of Kaylie and Taran, a family from New Zealand that has loved traveling all over Europe for the last four years while they have been […]

Passports or Pass With Devon And Marcus

Passports or Pass video with Devon and Marcus

Devon and Marcus in the Hot Seat! Can they convince us that they are fantastic travel companions? Welcome to our second show in the series Passports or Pass where we grill unsuspecting travelers to see if they really should be traveling together. Travel is fun. Travel is stressful. Will traveling together make Devon and Marcus’ […]

The New Travel Companion Challenge – Passports Or Pass?

The Travel Companion Challenge With Mary and Chris KP

Are You A Good Travel Companion? This week, we’ve instituted a new series. We’ll be interviewing travel companions to see how well they know their partner. We know just how important it is to find someone that meshes with you while traveling. Being isolated in a foreign country can heighten stress, so in order to […]

Weekend Travel Inspiration

Weekend Travel Inspiration - Walt Whitman

We’re all about trying to inspire folks to get out and see more of this amazing world! On this page, you’ll find our most inspiring quotes and interviews with our favorite travelers. [toc] Weekend Travel Inspiration! Best Travel Quotes   Rendezvous with Rovers – Traveler Interviews Passports or Pass – More Traveler Interviews

Kosovo Travel Blog

Prizren Mosque and City Landscape Kosovo

We finally made it to Kosovo! Not only is it the youngest country in Europe, it was the last one on our list to visit. Of course, we’ve explored the Balkans on a few occasions, such as our Eastern Europe by Rail Adventure, and again on a road trip along the Adriatic Coast. However, we […]

The Ultimate Great Wall of China Planning Guide

Traveling around China, especially to those special world heritage sites like the Forbidden Palace and the Terra Cotta Warriors, makes you feel like you are really traveling. Between the language barrier and the cultural differences, sometimes it’s a little intimidating, and we know that if you go to China one of the things you want […]

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