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What a difficult question!

If you know me, I could much easier tell you five places I would just rather not go back to, but honestly trying to whittle down the ones I would was completely baffling.  Can I pick continents? I certainly have five continents I would return to.

5 Places I Would Go Back To


I love a safari!  I definitely want to do more.  One of my favorite places in southern Africa was Chobe National Park in Botswana.  I would definitely go back there!  We rented a 4X4 and drove from the top to the bottom of the country making so many wildlife spots in between.  I can’t even begin to think how many different animals and birds we viewed.  It was amazing!  I would love to go back to this beautiful country and explore even deeper and maybe get to meet the people.  I didn’t really do this last time, but I have memories of these brightly dressed women waiting for a bus or a ride on the side of the road.  Beautiful!

5 Places I Would Go Back To

Easter Island

I don’t know why, really but Easter Island is such a mystery, an enigma.  We flew there on a whim from Santiago one year and absolutely fell in love with it.  We only spent four days, and I would say we did a very good job of seeing the island, but I would still go back.  I would love to take more time there, contemplating, walking, photographing.

5 Places I Would Go Back To


Okay, so again this is a continent.  The only time I’ve been in South America, we did a quick trip to see some highlights in Peru, Chile, and the Galapagos.  We didn’t spend nearly enough time in any of those countries, let alone exploring the other wonderful countries that are there.

When I was in 4th grade, I did a report on the Incas, so it was a dream come true to go to Macchu Pichu and Sachsayhuaman as well as the other Incan sites we visited.  Like Easter Island, though, we did not spend near enough time there.  I love the small cities in Peru; I love the Spanish spoken there (I could understand it perfectly for some reason); I loved the “differentness” of it;  I just loved it!

Jim and I often talk about South America and trying to live there for at least a year.  We’re not sure, but I think we’d like to live in Argentina or Chile.  Any thoughts?

5 Places I Would Go Back To


So many people have been telling these last few years what a great destination Croatia was.  I believed them, but honestly could any place really be that fantastic?  Um, yes!  I was blown away with love for this country.  We completely enjoyed the people, the food, as well as the amazing white-stoned piazzas of the old Venetian cities.  It is a gorgeous place, and we didn’t even go swimming!  We’re not even beach people.  Can you believe it?

In western Europe, tourists are so abundant that unless you get off the beaten track, way off, you don’t find as many opportunities to talk to the people.  We found the people in Croatia to be more than friendly, happy to draw us in, give us advice, and just smile and laugh with us.  You know we love that!

Croatia is the easiest one for us to get to on my list, so I’m sure we’ll be going there more and more in the next few years…still plenty to see!

5 Places I Would Go Back To


If you’ve gotten to know me at all, you know I’m more of a rural, village, out-of-the-way traveler than big city traveler.  Because of this, and because of the people I love, love, loved Mongolia.  Jim and I visited there with a couple of friends, and we frequently talk about our next visit.  The country is vast, with few roads and less infra-structure.  I love it!

Where would you want to travel back to again and again?  What sirens call to you?

Thanks to Phoebe for proposing I write this post.

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  1. I agree, it would be much easier to name five I wouldn’t go to. I also just added five to my bucket list. I haven’t been to any of your top picks. Off the top of my head my five countries would be Morocco, Russia, China, Spain and I couldn’t possibly pick only one more. And if I think about it too long, the first four would change too.

    1. Rhonda, I want to go to Morocco, too. We went one time on a day trip from southern Spain. It was just Tunis, and it wasn’t the best experience. It made me kind of leery when I went to Tunisia, but I absolutely loved Tunisia. That tells me that I just need to spend some time in Morocco and get off the beaten path. I also need to get back to Russia. I went in 1987! It’s fun to think about, isn’t it?

  2. I have been to Africa and would love to go back, and I have always wanted to go to Mongolia, and Antarctica, and see more of Europe. But for me at this moment, I want to go back to the Kimberly region of Western Australia. and then see the parts of Australia we haven’t been to yet.
    Visiting you today through Travel Photo Thursday. Have a great weekend.

    1. Jill, I would love to see more of Australia as well. I’ve only been a few places, and boy is there so much yet to do. I haven’t been to the Kimberly region or Western Australia at all….see what I mean? It’s so hard to narrow the list down to five!

    1. Steve, I love all those places! We go to NYC about once a year, and we just did an awesome road trip through Alberta over the summer. You’ll be seeing posts on that real soon. So much to do and see, don’t you think?

  3. As always I loved your post. I followed your Botswana links and rattled around there for quite a while. It sounds very adventurous. Was that your first trip to the south of Africa? We want to go but are unsure of how to tackle it and wonder if we are brave enough to do a self-drive tour. We usually organize ourselves, but are not sure about doing so in Africa – also it may be out of our budget range! We have only been to Morocco in Africa, which we loved and I want to visit Tunisia too so was happy to hear that you loved it.

    1. Jan, I definitely think you can do it! It was our first trip, and we rented a truck, had a company draw up a route and make reservations for us, but you know what? We should have just done that part ourselves. It was amazing! It ranks up there as one of our best trips ever. We stayed in campgrounds that the tents are permanent rooms. The worst part was hiking to the showers, but really the camps were great because of the places they were and the people that ran them. Boy, do we have stories! I hope you do it. You won’t regret it!

  4. I also agree that it would be easier to list 5 places NOT to return to, and agree it’s a hard task thinking of just 5. I love your choices. Mongolia is a place I dream of returning to (why didn’t I put it in my list? not at all sure) and I could certainly revisit Croatia and definitely intend to do so as it’s not so far from where I live. As for Botswana, Peru and Easter Island, they are all on the never ending, ever increasing bucket list! Thanks for taking up the challenge.

    1. Phoebe, I love to dream! As travelers, don’t we all? We call it planning, research, or whatever term we can think of, but really it’s just dreaming about our next spot. Thanks for naming me for the challenge.

  5. Tunisia and Wales are the 2 places that just call out to me and every time I go there I feel like I’m home. Wish I could avoid England though. I’ve been here a month with a few trips to London and I’m sick of it. Next year I plan to get stranded somewhere else… never been there but Japan is my single-item bucket list. Was surprised it didn’t make the list you lived there didn’t you?

  6. I would definitely go back to Croatia in a heart beat and the surrounding Balkans…I have yet to explore South America – I’m sure there is so much to also see there and not in a very short timeframe I’m sure

  7. Hi Corrine. This is a fab post. Believe it or not, I’ve not been to any of these places. They all look worthy of a trip. Peru and Croatia are definitely high on my list. Would love to do the African safari, so will have to start a special savings account. Although, if I move to where I am hoping to move, I will be much closer to Africa. Sorry, I can say more at this moment 🙂 Thanks for linking up this week.

  8. I eagerly read this knowing that you are very well traveled and wondering what made the list. I have not been to any of these, although Peru and Easter Island are very high on the bucket list. I’d love to revisit Kangaroo Island in South Australia again, and one of my kids keeps asking me to take him back to Vancouver. There are other places like Siem Reap, Cambodia that I think I would rather happily leave in my memories because I think the place will be more touristy and less authentic in the years to come.

  9. Hi Corinne, you’re right it would be tough to name only five. I’m glad you picked Peru! It’s the country I’ve went back to the most times (3x) and I’d go back again. Easter Island is on the horizon! Knowing you loved it that much made me more excited to get there. You’ve been to Mongolia??? I’m so so jealous. That’s one place I’m so dying to go. Hopefully, next year. Again you made me more anxious about it.

  10. I have wanted to go to Macchu Pichu for a long time, but not made it yet, but I’d never even thought of Easter Island. My list just got longer! Croatia – I haven’t been, but have never heard anything but good about it. A friend has an apartment in Rovinj so maybe someday. A comment above mentions NewYork – that would definitely be on my “repeat forever” list, but we were out with friends the other night who DON’T LIKE IT! Seriously considering if we truly have anything in common…….(not really, they’re lovely apart from that). Looking forward to posts on Alberta – we had a fab time there in 2007.

    1. Anabel, You are so funny! As I said in my post, there’s way too many places I could list. And there are very few places I would not go back to. Alberta was truly amazing!

  11. I haven’t been to any of the places you listed, but I want to go to all of them!!

    On your debate between Chile or Argentina, I preferred Chile. To me, the people were a lot friendlier, and in the end, that’s what really matters for a great experience. I felt like I was home there, and never did in Buenos Aires. And also, I felt like Chile was a LOT more affordable. Argentina is going through a financial crises and the inflation has been crazy, so I found things there to be surprisingly expensive.

    But that was just my experience! I would still like to go back to BOTH of those countries, and explore more of them apart from just the capital cities!!

  12. The desert landscape and red rock country of the US southwest never fails to call me back over and over and over again. The same goes with kayaking in the Baja – for the wildlife and juxtaposition of desert and ocean.

  13. I’ve only been to Croatia in all the places you’ve listed and I definitely agree with you there. The country is so big and diverse it warrants another visit. I’ll have to check out all those other places now too!

  14. Spain, Turkey, Luang Prabang in Laos, Australia, Canada are on my definite to return to list. This of course would continuously alter lol.

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