WHS- Macchu Pichu, Peru

As a traveler, there are lots of reasons to pick a destination.  For me, Macchu Pichu represents the one that I’ve always wanted to go to, because in fourth grade I did a project on the Incas and it stayed with me for the rest of my life.  Af ter that project I decided I wanted to be an archaelogist, but then I discovered my love for the people of the rocks and anthropology, so I switched to that.  Of course, economics won out and I discovered in my late teens that studying to be an anthropologist would not be extremely fruitful.  Now I just go to the places discovered and studied by others and reap the benefit of their hard work.  At any rate, that project in fourth grade was a significant turning point in my life. 

Peru was never an easy destination for us.  We lived in Europe and Asia, and of course the U.S., and there was almost always something to see there that kept me away from South America.  So, I had to just throw up my arms, plan to spend the extra cash and head south for the summer.  It was well worth it.  We can’t wait to go again.

As far as photographing this site, with a little forewsight, we arrived at the entrance at opening.  It was already mobbed with tourists, but nothing like it was a few hours later.  We took the obligatory shot at the top of the hill that looks down on the whole site, and I like that photo, but opted to use this lesser known view as my shot of this World Heritage Site.

How about you?  Was there a significant moment in your life when you decided to travel, or at least go to that one special place?

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