Who are YOU as a World Traveler? Find out in Three Easy Questions

Just recently I wrote a post on How to Find that Perfect Travel Partner, and the first step is to define You, Yourself, Tu…as a world traveler.

Today, I’m going to help you do just that.  So sit down, put your “honesty” cap on, and ponder these questions.

Feel free to comment, share, debate the following questions and tell us how you feel about them.  

Trust me.  It’s all part of the process!

Hey, who knows, maybe some of you will find your perfect travel mate in our comments section!  Wouldn’t that be cool?!


Taking a car on the back roads is my kind of trip!

Here are three somewhat easy questions you will want to answer.  Each question is further defined by more questions, which might make you think of more questions, and so on…okay, ready?  Let’s go!  Let’s find out what kind of world traveler you are.


Fooling around in Salamis, a fantastic non-World Heritage Site in Northern Cyprus.

Question One:

Who do you want to plan your trip?

Do you want to plan the trip yourself or have someone else do it?  Do you want to set up day tours to intersperse with your relaxing on the beach?  Do you want to go to your travel agent, have them find you an all-inclusive tour and book you the ticket?  Do you want to follow someone around who is a little more experienced or decisive than you?  Do you want to rent a car and discover the roads less-traveled?

My experience:  I like to plan my trip.  I like to have a good idea where I want to go, what I don’t want to miss, and what foods I want to try.  So I spend hours on the computer, at the library, looking up blogs and other tourist info about a place.

Jim, on the other hand, might look up a few things and add them to the list, but he does this half-heartedly not really caring where we go.  He’s a good sport, though, and has hardly ever complained about going to suss out the perfect fondue  or even visit a cat cafe, as long as we pop in a wine-tasting tour for him.  We don’t overplan our trip, allowing for a spontaneous opportunity to sweep us away, like four-wheeling in the desert or something.

Taman Negara

Crossing a rope bridge in Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia.

I’ve also traveled with many friends and acquaintances   I have some friends that don’t like to go into any museums, castles, fortresses or on any guided tours.  They want to wander, take their time doing their own thing.  They don’t mind, however, just saying “no” to something and waiting for us until we are finished.  Conversely, I have other friends that love museums and take at least twice as long in them as I do, taking meticulous notes.  Most of the time, I don’t mind waiting for them, either.

I also know lots of people that just don’t want to miss a thing. These people love taking a tour, starting off at 7:30 in the morning, right after breakfast and making it to eight sights in a day.  They don’t mind if the tours have the obligatory perfume or ceramics factory on the list, that’s just one more thing they don’t have to find on their own.   For me and my old age…that’s just too exhausting!  I’m ok not doing that.



That’s a yak!

Question Two:

What do you want to get out of your trip/vacation/weekend?

Do you want to let loose, party it up?  Do you want to relax, let all the pressures from work and home ease their way out of your system?  Do you want to immerse yourself in a truly cultural experience, visit museums, take audio tours?  Do you want to hit all the adventure touring that you can, bungee jumping, rope-swinging, camel-riding?  Do you want to be in the big cities or out in the countryside?  Do you want to hike or bike the country, hang out on the beach, get scuba certified?  Do you want to stay with a host family in that Vietnamese village?  Do you want to go on a safari?

My experience:  For the most part, Jim and I are very much into seeing historical sites, World Heritage Sites, and a few museums.  I can only handle about two or three museums per week so I have to be careful that I’m picking the ones that are the best representatives of my trip.  We do like to do things on our trip like take some public transportation, talk to the locals and find out about their lives, go dog-sledding or komodo dragon hunting.  We like to take cooking classes, or go on photo walks, not only to learn something new but to meet new people.   I would say we like to go at a moderate pace, see a museum then have lunch, take a walk through some back neighborhood, head up to the market or park, eat dinner, go to the bar and have a beer.  Nothing too busy, nothing too touristy.  Just enough to try and get a good feel of the place.

Pace is important.  I definitely have traveled with folks that like a much more fast-paced travel.  They’ve spent the money to get there and want to feel they are getting their money’s worth.  I get it.  I do.  That’s why I always tell people who want to go tripping with us that they are welcome to do their own thing for a day, an afternoon.  We can meet up for dinner or a çay.  No big deal.



Trying my first and only, so far, balut egg that a new friend bought me in the Philippines.

Question Three:

What do you like to eat when you are traveling?

Who is going to pick the restaurants?  Do you just eat whatever is on the hotel buffet?  Do you want to try as many street foods as you can?  Do you want to make sure and hit up the McDonald’s and Hard Rock Cafes?  Do you want to eat with a large group or just eat by yourself?

My experience:  One of my greatest friends and travel buddies likes to travel in larger groups, six to eight people.  When it comes time to find a restaurant, she wants everybody to be happy.  Have you ever tried to make eight different types of eaters happy at the same time?  We would spend so much time trying to figure out what everyone wanted that I would get cranky, seriously cranky!  It’s time to eat already!  Someone has to make a decision.  And how about those people that always say, “I don’t care.”  Then you get them in the restaurant and they just sigh….Drives me nuts!

Here’s a hint!  And, it goes for more than just restaurant choices.  If you have an opinion, share it.  The more you “give in,” the quicker this travel relationship is going to be over.  If you want Korean food, tell me.  If you want to go the the Disney Family Museum, tell me.  If you don’t want to ride on that camel, for goodness sake…tell me!  You’ll be happier, and I will definitely be happier!



Relaxing on the deck, drinking a beer to wind down a day of touring the Turkish countryside.

Okay, so these are the first three questions you will want to ask yourself to start defining who you are and what kind of travel you enjoy.  The first person that has to be pleased with you, the world traveler, is you!

Did any of these questions resonate with you?  I hope so!  Share some of your experiences, anecdotes, fights,  etc. in the comment section!

Oh by the way, just like my previous post, How to Find that Perfect Travel Companion, I got the idea to write this post via Darren Rowse’s Pro-Blogger Group Writing Project: Writing a Discussion.  If you find this one enjoyable check out all the other ones on his page.


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