Weekend Travel Inspiration – Holly Morris

Weekend Travel Inspiration Holly Morris

The first definition for adventure by dictionary.com is an exciting or unusual experience; and, in the immortal words of the Sea Witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, “That’s what I live for!”

This is my mom and my Aunt Louise in Efesus, Turkey.

This is my mom and my Aunt Louise in Efesus, Turkey.


I was born into an adventurous family.  My mother and her younger sister took off right after college in the late 1950s and camped throughout Europe (east and west) and even ventured into northern Africa.  Two young women all alone.

We grew up traveling, camping, and going to the most out-of-the-way, obscure places we could find.  We marveled at old ruins, clambered about castle walls, made friends with goatherds, rode camels, swam in lakes and ponds, and drove and camped everywhere we went.

So, what I do is in my blood!  It’s not something I can give up.  I can’t even fathom staying in one place more than a couple of years.  I get the “itch”!  The itch to jump in the car and go.  It really doesn’t matter where, anywhere new.

It’s the “new”-ness, the getting lost, the uncomfortable feeling you get when you aren’t 100% in your familiar territory that’s addictive.  I find when I’m in my normal work day routine that I can’t even remember all of it.  Is it really time for my turn off…already?  I don’t remember driving by the lake.

However, when I go somewhere new, the smells, the architecture, the feeling stays with me much longer.  I am on full alert, trying to take in every detail both in brain and photo memory. I have to work hard at buying a coffee or ordering lunch.  I am so concentrated on everything that I’m doing that I’m completely in that moment.

That adrenalin rush that comes with the adventure of getting out there is something that everyone should experience, and in my opinion, over and over and over again!

What do you think?  Is adventure in your blood?

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  1. Oh I so totally get everything you are saying – I LOVE driving down a road to see what’s at the end, and to discover “New Places” – its the best feeling ever!
    And yeah adventure is in my blood forever.
    Lisa Wood recently posted…Caravan Built On A DreamMy Profile

  2. I grew up – the opposite of you – in a non-traveling family. We watched other people live their lives on tv. Our next door neighbors went to Europe and sent me postcards. I knew right then and there that I would travel someday. So I’m not sure if it’s in my blood – but I know it’s an addiction. I, too, can only stay home so long and then I need to be off to see new things and places!
    Jill recently posted…The Minneapolis Sculpture GardenMy Profile

    1. Anda, So, you definitely understand the love of being able to travel freely. I would love to learn more about your history as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great story. My father traveled for over a decade throughout the Middle East and Europe before settling in the US. Listening to his stories and wanting to create my own memories was definitely a driving force for me. I loved our family road trips and I miss travelling by car in the US because of it.
    Crystal recently posted…Relaxing and Hiking in Cucao, Isla de ChiloéMy Profile

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