Weekend Travel Inspiration – Geoff Dyer

Weekend Travel Inspiration - Geoff Dyer

Home?  What is home? To me, home is sitting on a couch with a hot cup of coffee warming in my hands.  Even if I’ve just walked in the door, it’s that feeling of comfort, a sigh of relaxation.  Home is a place to let your hair down, get out of your street clothes, be yourself and be safe.  Dyer says you can work towards that feeling no matter where you are.  I think in order to do that you must have amazing self-confidence.  However, I find that no matter where I’m sleeping, I can acquire that feeling, and rather quickly.

From infancy I have found myself in new homes, tents, hotel rooms, family and friend guest rooms, camper vans, all kinds of places to lay my head.  Yet I can immediately adopt that new place as my home, someplace to feel warm and comfortable.  In fact, I do this without thinking.  For example, we recently spent the weekend in Prague.  Now, I don’t speak Czech, and I had never been to that particular hotel before, but by the end of the first evening of walking around and getting to know the city, I turned to Jim and said, “I’m tired.  Let’s go home.”  By home, of course, I meant the hotel, a place to rest, a place to relax.  We will typically shed our gear, freshen up, then head downstairs for a coffee or beer.  There we sit, talk, and watch the world go by.  It feels like home.

I remember living in my mother’s home town, Canaan, Connecticut.  We had a couple of chairs on the porch, and we would sit there watching everyone parade by.  They would honk or wave if they were in the car, or stop by if they were walking the dog.  I try to bring that feeling with me wherever I go, that feeling of having time to sit and put your feet up, greet the world.

What makes you feel at home?

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    1. Lyn, I do love it when my girls are with me, but as they are also adults it happens less and less frequently. We are all traveling together at Christmas in Japan. I can’t wait!

  1. Very interesting question, Corinne. For me home is the place where I feel safe, where I can pursue my dreams, where my hard work is rewarded and my children can grow in peace. That’s why I feel America is my home and Romania is NOT, although I was born and raised there.
    Anda recently posted…Six Fun Things to Do in Juneau in One DayMy Profile

  2. This is one of those questions that come up regularly being an expat since birth, an adult TCK with no “home” town. I honestly have nowhere I call “back home” so home for me is wherever I’m living at the moment. I’m very much an in the moment type of person (though I do love a bit of nostalgia from time to time remembering all the amazing places I have called home).
    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo recently posted…5 reasons to visit French PolynesiaMy Profile

    1. Kacy, I’m chuckling…because yes, some places are a little harder to find that feeling. That’s usually when I decide one night there is enough and it’s time to move on!

  3. This post really hit home for me. Feeling at home ANYWHERE is one of my life goals. You may have just given me the ticket to feeling completely comfortable — and that’s remembering a specific nostalgic feeling from childhood and taking it everywhere. For me, I’d say running around in my backyard in Connecticut as a kid sparks this. Speaking of Canaan, did you mean New Canaan, Connecticut, Corrine? If so, I’m from there too :).

    Winederlusting recently posted…Logroño, La Rioja, SpainMy Profile

    1. No, my mom is from the very Northwestern corner of the state in just plain ol’ Canaan. It’s located at the intersection of Routes 7 and 44. Connecticut is a small, small state though…it’s all basically the same!

  4. Interesting thoughts. I’m quick to refer to the current place of my pillow as home also, whether hotel, ship, or even actually home. But when I speak of home, I’m generally speaking of the area where I grew up and still feel most at home. It’s a place I am constantly in love with, always learning about (and from), and frequently yearning to go back to. Of course, once I’m there, I can’t wait to be someplace new.
    RobRob recently posted…The Best New England Leaf-Peeping Fall Road TripMy Profile

    1. Rob, You are lucky to have that. I moved around too much as a kid, so the closest thing I have to that is my mother’s home town even though I’ve only lived there about 3 years total in my entire life.

  5. i recall traveling the way you do once — that leisurely end-of-day beer. And we’ll do it again some day, I’m sure. But these days I like it when my homes away from home are “homes.” I like having a kitchen and a couch, being able to take my shoes off, kick my feet up and let my daughter color or play with Play-Doh while we rehash our day and make the next day’s plans.
    eileen g recently posted…Driving With Kids Down the Oregon CoastMy Profile

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