Reflection #539 – Our Schweinfurt Pig, Germany

Schweinfurt Pig

Yes, I know! I keep telling you this, but I just love it! I love living in the city of pigs! I do. I do.

Just recently I went on a tour of my town. After living here for about seven months, I figured it was about time I learned something about my little city.

The opening bit was about how Schweinfurt got its name. You see, Schweinfurt is on a river, the Main River, and literally, “schwein” means “pig,” and “furt” means “ford,” like to ford the river.

Apparently the Main River used to be much higher and more unpredictable before all the technological controls that Germany has now placed on her. And all along the river, there are towns ending in “furt.” According to our guide, that’s how high or low the river was in order for the animal to cross. In Schweinfurt’s case, the river was low enough for pigs to cross. There is also an Ochsenfurt (Ox-ford), a Hassfurt (Rabbit-ford), and yes, as I already mentioned a Frankfurt (low enough to get those hot dogs across, I guess!)

Well, enough about the name. Tell us about the photo!

This is one of our very own Schweinfurt pigs. On the outskirts of town, there is a little wild animal park that houses many different animals, most domesticated. There are chickens, goats, donkeys, white deer, and yes wild pigs. Well, they are supposed to be wild, but if you pull up and call them they come running!

Oh, you didn’t bring me a fresh carrot? Thought I would like a used up, wrinkly, lost in the fridge for a couple of weeks carrot? Wrong! (And off he trots!)

Friendly! Wild pigs! In my little town! The town of Schweinfurt! Pig town!

Did I tell you I love it?!

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