Old Wall in Luxembourg

Old Wall in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Wall

Luxembourg City seems like just another European city on the surface, but as you start digging deeper, exploring more, you realize there are so many layers.

The city sports a wonderful downtown walking area with great restaurants and shops. The grand palace is right downtown as well, and you can go buy any time of the day to see the soldiers guarding it.

I’ve spoken French there. I’ve spoken German there. Then one day I was talking to some locals and they told me that their language is such a mix of the other two that sometimes they don’t even know what the Luxembourgian word is. I found that extremely comical.

If you get a chance to journey through this small country, take it. Take time to hit the pubs and strike up a conversation with a local or two. It’s worth your while.

There are a few really great sights to see in Luxembourg:
The UNESCO World Heritage Casements in the city
Vianden Castle
The American Cemetary (near the airport) where Gen. Patton was buried

Have you been to Luxembourg? What were your impressions?

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