A Taste of the Philippines – Balut


If you have visited the Philippines you have no doubt heard of Balut. It is a nearly developed duck fetus that is boiled and eaten out of the shell.  I wanted to try one, but really had no idea about how to go about obtaining one.  That problem was taken care of one day when we were waiting at the bus station for a tour bus to pick us up.  A Philipino couple who was staying at our same hotel was waiting to go on the same tour and when the little old lady walked around with a brown bag filled with something, the couple bought a couple and handed us one to try.  I tried it.  It tasted like egg, just like egg.  I was sort of surprised by that.  I thought it would have a unique taste.  It was pretty good.  You should definitely try one if you go. 

What is a local food that you were a little skeptical about eating and found out that it was pretty good? 


What else do I need to try?

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