Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

Hanami!  (part one)

When I was in second grade, our teacher had been to Japan and she wanted us to sing “Sakura” (Cherry Blossoms) in a program for our parents.  The Japanese syllables meant nothing to us, but we learned the melody and were impressed by her photos of beautiful pink blossoms.  Since then, I had always wanted to see the cherry trees in bloom.
Cherry Blossom Time Japan

Spring in Japan is nothing short of spectacular.  The people welcome the pink blooms with festivals, grilling outside with their families, and lots of sake!

Cherry Blossom Time Japan

If you are going to be in Japan in the coming weeks, you will want to go to the Japan National Tourism Official Guide website and see when the cherry blossoms will come to you.

Cherry Blossom Time Japan

Devon is planning on attending some Hanami festivals in her area, and she is going to take some photos and write a post all about it.  So stay tuned!  And for now, here’s a couple of shots to whet your appetite!

Cherry Blossom Time Japan


Have you been to a cherry blossom festival in Japan?


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