World Heritage Site Galapagos Islands Time Lapse

World Heritage Site Galapagos Island

A Galapagos Cruise – A Dream of a Lifetime Boobies and seals, iguanas and manta rays, oh my! Our family trip to the Galapagos ranks up there as one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. We flew into Guayaquil, Ecuador […]

Reflection #581 – Heron in the Galapagos

Heron Galapagos

A heron enjoying the view as much as I am in the Galapagos. The Galapagos is such a fantastic trip. I truly believe every traveling family needs to make it there. It’s not just a place for kids, but it […]

World Heritage Site – Galapagos

World Heritage Site Galapagos FlamingoWorld Heritage Site Galapagos - Flamingo

One of my favorite World Heritage Sites, the Galapagos, just thrilled me with photograhic opportunities. I love the colors and tranquility that this shot offers. It brings me instantly back to the beach, just sitting, just watching, just living my […]

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