Easter Island World Heritage Site

Easter Island World Heritage Site

Rapa Nui National Park – Chile As we grew up, read great books, and watched movies of faraway lands, it ignited an idea.  An idea that we could visit the world’s most unique, mysterious, and exotic lands.  It doesn’t get […]

Reflection #599 – Easter Island Moais

Easter Island Moai

Easter Island moais stand guard on the beach in Rapa Nui in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Thor Heyerdahl traveled to Easter Island, and since we just visited the Kon-tiki museum in Oslo, it really got me thinking once […]

Reflection #552 – Santiago Statue of the Virgin Mary


Not quite as large or impressive or well-known as Christ the Redeemer in Rio, this statue of the Virgin Mary overlooks the gorgeous city of Santiago, Chile. We took the funicular up the hill and it provided a panoramic view […]

Photo of the Day – Easter Island

Moai Easter IslandMoai Easter Island

Easter Island has to be one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Just getting there takes a lot of planning and time in the seat. Five hours from Santiago, it’s a ways out there in the Pacific. To think […]

Time Lapse – Easter Island

Easter Island World Heritage Site

It’s been a few years since we went to Easter Island…on a whim!  We were planning our South America jaunt to the Galapagos, Peru (read Macchu Pichu), and Chile.  Easter Island kept popping up, but it seemed a little much […]

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