The Amazing Flower Petal Mosaics of the Netherlands

Flower Mosaics Netherlands

A Flowering Art Surprise! When we drove the Bollenstreek, we had no idea of some of the events and customs surrounding the flower season.  Our goal was to take in spring; its brilliant colors, its fresh aromas, its Vitamin D. […]

It’s Tulip Time in the Netherlands!

Tulips Netherlands

A Drive on the Bollenstreek (Bulb Region)! What is more Dutch than tulips?  We took a short road trip up to the tulip region of the Netherlands, and with fantastic sun and clear skies, we traipsed in and out of […]

Walking through Kinderdijk, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Walk Kinderdijk

There’s just something about a mill. Water or wind, no matter its purpose, humankind’s ability to harness the natural power and energy around us is almost magical. We’ve seen mills for pressing olives into oil,grinding grain into grist, cutting logs […]

Sunday’s Travel Inspiration (the Netherlands)

Travel Inspiration Netherlands

Jim and I lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years. It’s an awesome country to visit, and you can read more about it here: Time-lapse the Netherlands Windmills in the Sunrise De Pannekoekenbakker – A Restaurant Review

The Famous Chocolate Balls of Jan de Groot

Chocolade Bolletjes in S'Hertogenbosch

I was visiting a friend, and we went to the Netherlands to see some of both hers and my old stomping grounds.  She took me to S’Hertogenbosch or just “Den Bos” to locals where her family has a long history.  […]

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