Durian – Stinky Fruit or a Must-have Delicacy?


To durian or not to durian, that is the question when traveling around Southeast Asia! Whenever I travel I make a list of things or places for me to experience.  Often this list is a little different than the typical […]

World Heritage Site – Pena Palace Portugal

Pena Palace Portugal

A fairy tale castle not far from Lisbon, the Pena Palace. The Pena National Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in Sintra, Portugal. Only a half hour drive from Lisbon, Sintra is one of my favorite cities on the Iberian […]

Reflection #488 – Rua Augusta Arch Lisbon

Rua Agusta Arch Lisbon

Located on one side of Lisbon’s Commercio Square is the Rua Augsta Arch. The square is a very large and open space, where people come to relax, sit and share their lunch with the pigeons or, as in the day […]

Photo of the Day – Porto Laundry

Porto Laundry

As you well know, I take laundry photos wherever I can, and here I am in Porto, Portugal.  In the late afternoon walking along the Duoro River, I think this is a pretty good glimpse into what life in Porto […]

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