Ravenna – Chock Full of Italian World Heritage

Ravenna - Chock Full of Italian World Heritage

Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country so you don’t have to go far to find one. While we were traveling around northern Italy we knew one city we had to get to was Ravenna. Ravenna was the short […]

10 Best Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Cinque Terre

10 Best Tips for Cinque Terre

Everyone want to go to Cinque Terre! We’re not going to argue. Follow these tips to help you have the best time you can!

A Trulli Near Alberobello

Trulli Alberobello

Alberobello, at the top of the heel on Italy’s boot, is a quaint town full of interesting and picturesque stone cottages. These centuries old mortarless stone houses are built by stacking one slab on top of the other with no […]

Carnival in Venice

Carnival Venice

Attending Carnival in Venice should really be on everyone’s list! Venice is an enchanting city, but during the carnival it is just mesmerizing. Everywhere you look folks are dressed up in the most elaborate and colorful costumes. The narrow walkways […]

Reflection #495 – Dantes’ Street Art

Italian man and street artItalian man and street art

Ravenna, Italy. There is so much to see in Ravenna, and I took so many photos that I’m just now starting to go through my photos from that trip back in October. It’s pretty overwhelming because we hit so many […]

Our Travel Delights of 2012…and Plans for 2013!!!

Mont Blanc Sunset Travel 2012As the year 2012 was coming to a close, we gazed upon this gorgeous sunset over Mont Blanc, France. Thank you 2012!

It’s the last day of December, and time to think about what we did during 2012 and make some plans for 2013.   Big Events: 1.  In June we moved from our home of four years, Ankara, to Schweinfurt, Germany.  […]

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