Adventure Travel Scotland – Shotguns and Quads

Adventure Travel Scotland

  You might imagine I’m writing about a camping or hunting trip in the back woods of the US when I start talking about riding quads (ATVs or 4-wheelers) and shooting at things. But it can be real fun to get […]

Compete or Attend the Inverness Highland Games in Scotland

Compete or Attend the Inverness Highland Games in Scotland

A Brief History of the Inverness Highland Games The clans of Scotland have been gathering for hundreds of generations; the highland games were a way of meeting up with scattered family members and friends, hearing and spreading the news of […]

Sobering Visit to the Culloden Battlefield

Battlefield of Culloden Scotland

Why You Should Visit Culloden Battlefield One of the reasons we travel is to experience the culture and society of the countries we’re visiting. This means seeing everything that has shaped modern society, experiencing the forces that have sculpted the […]

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