25 of the Best Things to Do in Bergen in Winter

25 of the Best Things to Do in Bergen in Winter

Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, doesn’t feel like a city at all. It has the homey feeling of a small town, where everyone waves or says “hi” to you each time they see you. A UNESCO World Heritage […]

Norway Postcard

Norway Postcard

Norway is such a fantastic destination.  We went for one week last summer and loved the sunlight, the views, and the friendliness of the Norwegian people.  Read some of these posts to find out more about traveling in Norway. Driving […]

Lista, Norway – A Slice of the U.S.A and a Whole Lot More

Lista Norway

Lista, Norway, ever heard of it? Neither had I. Visiting friends in the Farsund Municipality along the south-western coast of Norway, they intrigued us with tales of a nearby town that is very “Americanized.” Lista is primarily a farming community, […]

The Top 7 Things to do in Stavanger, Norway


Surprising Stavanger – Plenty to do! Stavanger is a gorgeous little city along the western coast of Norway. There is plenty to do. We’ve outlined some of our favorites. As we wandered around Stavanger, we saw plenty of tourists. Apparently […]

Bygdøy, The Island of Oslo Museums, Check it Out!

Museum Island Oslo

Bygdøy is one of the must-sees in Oslo. Not only is it a gorgeous island with some beautiful beaches, but it has no less than six museums to immerse yourself in Norway’s maritime culture. We visited the Kon-tiki and the […]

Sogndals-Strand, The Cutest Town in Norway


There is just no two ways about it, Norway is one of the most photogenic countries. Period. Driving around Norway, we took the North Sea Coast road and came upon one of the cutest little towns, Sogndals-Strand. It was a […]

What’s for Norwegian Breakfast?

norway breakfast

While in Norway, we ate a delicious breakfast everyday. When I’m at home, I normally sit down to the same breakfast every day, but in Norway, there is variety built right in! Staying with friends, we experienced a Norwegian morning, […]

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