Cultural Exchanges and Making Lifelong Friends!

Exchanges Travel Better

Getting to Know Your Global Cousins For some reason, I just assumed that cultural exchanges were for students.  There are all types of student exchanges in high school and in college.  I never really expected there to be opportunities like that […]

Kaunas Town Hall, Lithuania

Kaunas Town Hall Lithuania

Another Lithuanian Adventure If you’ve been following us long, you know we feel a strong pull to visit the former Soviet Union satellite countries. It is fascinating to meet the people and witness their revival. And if we can visit […]

Folk Dancers Entertain Us in Kaunas, Lithuania

Dancer Lithuania

A private viewing of this dance group kept our hearts pumping! Jim and I visited Lithuania where we were hosted by teachers and musicians. What a trip it was. We started out in Vilnius, the capital city, then moved on […]

Our Travel Delights of 2012…and Plans for 2013!!!

Mont Blanc Sunset Travel 2012As the year 2012 was coming to a close, we gazed upon this gorgeous sunset over Mont Blanc, France. Thank you 2012!

It’s the last day of December, and time to think about what we did during 2012 and make some plans for 2013.   Big Events: 1.  In June we moved from our home of four years, Ankara, to Schweinfurt, Germany.  […]

Lithuanian Recipe Apple Cake

Lithuanian Recipe Apple Cake

I stayed with a host family while I was in Kaunas, Lithuania and Nijole was a fantastic cook.  One of her favorite things was the little garden plot the family owned a little outside of the city.  Unfortunately I didn’t […]

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