Moldova Postcard

Moldova Postcard

  Moldova is certainly one of those Eastern European countries that you just don’t hear much about.  We chose it as a destination because we had friends there, and we know that’s one of the best ways to get the […]

Painted Gate in Moldova

Moldova Gate

Moldova has the prettiest gates! Especially in the beginning of winter, Moldova can be a bit barren and colorless. The fields are brown, the leaves have all blown away, and it’s cold. It feels cold and looks cold! So when […]

Front Yards From Around the World


Traveling gives you the opportunity to get a glimpse into somebody else’s life. I’m fascinated by homes around the world. You can tell a lot by a person’s home, and front yard for that matter. Therefore, I’ve compiled ten photos […]

Reflection #524 – Statue of St. Stephen in ChiÈ™inău


Situated in the middle of the downtown area of ChiÈ™inău, the capital city of Moldova, stands this statue and memorial to their best loved king, St. Stephen. St. Stephen ruled for 47 years, longer than any other monarch dedicated to […]

Reflection #505- Barn Door in Moldova

Moldovan Barn DoorMoldovan Barn Door

When I was younger I loved to read spy novels. Invariably these spy novels took place in cold, barren Soviet countries. Moldova is such a photogenic country, full of my visions from old spy novels. There was scene after scene […]

Reflection #500 – Woman in Moldova

Woman in MoldovaA woman peeks a look from her gate in Moldova.

Traveling around the Moldovan countryside, you see so much more than you do in the city. The houses are always bigger. There is a yard, farm animals, and curious people. People are not usually so curious in the city, because […]

Happy New Year! Milestii Mici (Moldovan Wine)

The Best Wine in Moldova One of the other major sights in Moldova is the Milestii Mici wine cellars.  The Moldovans were very proud of the fact that it is in the 2007 World Book of Records for having the […]

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