Czech Republic

Halloween Travel -The Sedlec Bone Church in Czechia

Halloween Travel -The Sedlec Bone Church in Czechia

Are you looking for a great place to visit during the spooky end of October; for Halloween? If so, then the Sedlec Ossuary, or Bone Church, located near the UNESCO city of Kutna Hora in Czechia is the place to […]

Prague at Night – The Spark is Back

Prague at Night

As you read last week, we were heading to Prague for the weekend with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Prague is an incredibly beautiful city with it’s towers and spires piercing the skyline, and, of course, the food and […]

Rekindling my Love for Big Cities

Rekindling my Love for Prague

Skyscrapers and sidewalks, traffic lights and neon signs, zooming through tunnels in cars and in subways, people rushing from the bus to their building. Cities are busy, noisy, smoggy, congested, and for me tiresome. I much prefer a slower, quieter […]

Brno – A Weekender’s Guide

Brno Weekender's Guide

Brno is Czech’s second largest city after Prague, and, for those of you who have been to Prague, a welcome escape from the bustling bus tours and sightseeing  hordes found in the capital city. Don’t get me wrong, I love […]

A Romantic Lunch in the Resplendent Telč

A Romantic Lunch in the Resplendent Telč

What do you do on a cold, wintry gray day and you want to add some color to your day? You drive a few hours and go to a beautiful pastel-colored town filled with houses that could double as any […]

Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour – Czech Republic

Pilsen Beer Factory Tour

Living in Europe, we definitely get our fill of the golden nectar. Here you can find beer in so many varieties and styles that you your mind will be left reeling by all of the choices even before you’ve had […]

Real Men Love Beer Spas!

Real Men Love Beer Spas

Luxuriating with Your Favorite Drink! Living near the Czech border we have the opportunity, and the annual vignette for driving on the highways, to visit and explore western Czech on a regular basis. We’ve done day trips to Prague, taken […]

Ride of the Kings Vlčnov

Ride of the Kings Vlčnov

A Colorful and Cultural Czech Festival Colorful costumes, brightly decorated horses, and angry-seeming young men yelling greeted us as we walked into the center of Vlčnov, a small town in Slovácko, Czech Republic. Right away, we were accosted by a colorful […]

The Year in Review 2014

Year in Review 2014

 A Banner Year in Travel The year is almost done.  With the cold and dreary winter weather, a feeling of melancholy begins to set in, so I sit here and try to remember all the great traveling Jim and I did […]

Czech Republic Postcard – České Budějovice

Postcard Czech Republic

Other posts and photos from our neighbor to the east: Vignette Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle UNESCO World Heritage Site – Holašovice Our Favorite Hotels and Restaurants from 2013 And also a shout out to our new, good […]

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