Jordan Road Trip – Sidetrack to Um er-Rasas

Read: Um er-Rasas A World Heritage Site

Driving in Jordan Our wintertime, week-long self drive through Jordan was one of the best road trips we’ve been on. Driving through the countryside is, for the most part, relaxed and easygoing. Of course, we were sharing the road with all […]

Desert Vistas and Camel Races in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Jordan

Lawrence of Arabia Was Here! Thoughts of the desert always evoke a sense of mystery, of camels and caravans winding among sand dunes and between surprise oases, ancient spice trade routes, and yes, Lawrence of Arabia. Wadi Rum has all […]

Village in the Dana Nature Reserve, Jordan

Dana Nature Reserve Jordan

A Stop Along the King’s Highway One of our best winter breaks was spent traveling around Jordan in our little rental car. We were able to drive the length and breadth of the country, with stops wherever and whenever we […]

J is for Jordan (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

J is for Jordan

Jordan is waiting for you!   The Middle East.  These tiny words can put a scare, a sense of discomfort, a trepidation in the hearts of many westerners.   Listening to the news, Americans have been conditioned to distrust people in […]

Reflection #590 – Japanese Restaurant Window in Tokyo

Restaurant Tokyo

Yum! What delicious Japanese food do we want to eat this evening? Don’t you just love a Japanese restaurant? There’s no place on earth that makes picking your dinner without the language as easy as in Japan. Just bow, get […]

Reflection #573 – A Boy, His Donkey, and a Precarious Load in Jordan

Jordan Donkey

Jordan is one of those countries that I just love to travel to. It has such amazing sights, fabulous food, and some of the friendliest people in the world. Jim and I stayed one night in the Dana Reserve, in […]

Reflection #513 – Perfume Store in Jordan

Jordan PerfumeShelves of essential oils for mixing your own perfume in Amman, Jordan.

Meandering the streets of Jordan, there are plenty of perfume stores. Bottle after bottle of essential oil to dab on your wrist and mix to find your perfect scent. After spending three days hiking through Petra’s gorgeous rock valleys, we […]

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