The Incense Cities of the Negev – World Heritage

Negev World HeritageIncense Cities of the Negev - World Heritage

Deserts have always seemed mysterious and exotic to me. Growing up I devoured stories of exploration, exotic caravans, and women wearing gauzy belly dancing outfits. I drooled over the idea of having my own camel to take care of as […]

Israel Postcard


We loved our week in Israel.  We have plenty more for you to take a look at, so click away! Mt. Carmel Caves Is it Safe to Travel to Israel?  Checking Out the Roman City of Caesarea  The Best Hummus […]

Reflection #608 – Mt. Carmel Caves, Israel

Mt. Carmel Israel

Mt. Carmel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was late afternoon. We had been driving all day. It was hot, and I was tired. I did NOT climb up this mountain to go in yet another cave. Sorry to […]

Reflection #576 – UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baha’i Gardens

Bahai Gardens Haifa

One of Haifa’s claim to fame – The gorgeous Baha’i Gardens The first night we were in Israel, we drove straight up to Haifa. Our hotel clerk suggested that we eat on the Ben Gurion Road, because it has the […]

Storks and Spring are Finally Here

Toy Storks France

Welcoming the storks back from winter. In the last few years, I’ve really looked forward to the arrival of the storks. Somehow they know the weather better than us, and they bring with them fresh green leaves on the trees, […]

Checking Out the Roman City of Caesarea in Israel


A fantastic site located between Tel Aviv and Haifa, Caesarea in Israel, are Roman ruins worth the visit. Touted as one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Israel, Caesarea is recommended on almost every website I read prior to jumping […]

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