Thailand Postcard

Thailand Postcard

  As with many travelers, Thailand was one of the first places I visited in Asia and I loved it!  This was during my pre-digital days, so I don’t have many posts and only a few photographs to share.  I […]

T is for Thailand (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

thailand a-z challenge

Exotic temples, street markets, tuk tuks,  other than Japan where I was living at the time, Thailand was my first independent travel in Asia.  It should be everyone’s first in my opinion.  Easy, friendly, and cheap, it’s everything that signifies […]

Reflection #489 – Thai Children Playing

Portrait of Playing Thai ChildrenPortrait of Playing Thai Children

Thailand is that country that just welcomes you with its warm smiles. It was the third Asian country I had visited, and I just fell in love with it. Everything and everyone is so colorful and friendly. I took the […]

Photo of the Day – Thai Elephants

Photo of the Day Thai Elephants

You know you are the consummate traveler when in the midst of your present winter vacation, you are conjuring up images and google searches for the next. We were doing this today as we drove home from our Christmas skiing […]

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