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Top Travelers Reveal Their Best Trips Part 2

Where will you go next year? Part 2 of Travelers revealing their top destinations is here!

Albania is Jim’s top pick of the places we visited last year. We took a great little road trip to some fantastic places and it just surprised us how warm and friendly the people were as well as how much […]

The Year in Review 2014

Year in Review 2014

 A Banner Year in Travel The year is almost done.  With the cold and dreary winter weather, a feeling of melancholy begins to set in, so I sit here and try to remember all the great traveling Jim and I did […]

Singapore Postcard

Singapore Postcard

  Singapore is easy!  It’s by far one of the easiest Asian cities to navigate.  It’s also so clean!  I love it!  It’s one of those places that if you are just starting out traveling, especially to Asia, you really […]

Street Food Vendor Hanoi, Vietnam

Street Vendor Hanoi

Street Food! My Favorite! Places like Hanoi, where street food vendors carry full meals through the streets, it’s hard not to try some. My body reacts just like Pavlov’s dog, and before you know it there go a few dong!

Living on Tonlé Sap, Cambodia

Living Tongle Sap Cambodia

Amazing Floating Cities! I always find it interesting how people live…and more specifically avoid taxes! It seems to be a universal goal. When we visited Cambodia, our drivers took us outside of Siem Riep to Lake Tonlé Sap where Vietnamese immigrants […]

Is Three Days Enough at Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat

A UNESCO World Heritage Site – Angkor Wat, Cambodia If you are contemplating traveling in Southeast Asia, undoubtedly Angkor Wat will be part of your planning. Built by the Khmer Empire somewhere in the 9th century, it remains the largest […]

Malaysia Postcard

Malaysia Postcard

  I just love traveling in Malaysia.  I love that it’s warm in the winter compared to where I live, so it’s a nice break.  I love the food; noodles, rice, satay, curries, hawker stalls.  I love the smiles and […]

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