Top 10 Things to do in Mongolia

Top 10 Mongolia

The Best of the Steppes Thanks to Good Ol’ Genghis Khan If you are looking for an adventure on your next vacation?  You can’t get any more adventurous than Mongolia!  Exotic, completely different, wonderful and friendly people, and even some […]

Mongolian Life

Mongolian Life

Two men chat outside a ger on the Mongolian steppes Mongolian life can certainly be categorized as hard! The weather is harsh, with winds sweeping across the plains. It is still primarily a nomadic life, except in a few villages […]

Karakorum the Ancient Capital of Mongolia

Karakorum Mongolia

Blue skies over the ancient Mongolian city of Karakorum Once you get outside of the new capital, Ulan Baator, there aren’t a lot of tourist “sights” in the rest of Mongolia. The ancient city of Karakorum, along with the Buddhist […]

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