Curious Boy Plays with the Incense in Chengdu

Chengdu Incense Burner

I love watching kids! When I visited Chengdu I wandered around this temple, keeping my eye on this little boy for about 30 minutes. He climbed all over it, stuck his hands in it, took out the incense and rearranged […]

Reflection #567 – Forbidden City

Forbidden City

When you hear the word “China” all types of exotic images run through my mind. For me, words like “busy,” “crowded,” and “ancient” pop in mind as well. I took this photo of one of the canals in the Forbidden […]

Front Yards From Around the World


Traveling gives you the opportunity to get a glimpse into somebody else’s life. I’m fascinated by homes around the world. You can tell a lot by a person’s home, and front yard for that matter. Therefore, I’ve compiled ten photos […]

Reflection #504 – Chinese Roof Tiles

Chinese Roof TilesOrnated tiles adorn this Chinese roof.

I love the colorful tiles that you find on many Chinese roofs. They are so ornate. There are beautifully molded roof tiles in many Asian countries, and all have their own distinct flavor. The Chinese roof tiles are very elaborate. […]

Reflection #480 – Chinese Taoist Temple Joss Sticks

In a Chinese Taoist temple in Chengdu, this woman puttered and cleaned, organized and arranged, tsk-tsked and grunted, and straightened up these joss sticks. I don’t know if she was a nun or a very devout and faithful caretaker, but […]

Chinese Opera – Chengdu Folklore Show

Chinese Opera

I know, I’m the cheesiest of cheesy when it comes to folklore, folkdances…even Chinese Opera.  Stopping over in Chengdu, China before heading to Lhasa, Tibet, we were offered the chance to see the local show.  I love this stuff!  It’s […]

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