How to Visit Botswana!

Visit Botswana

I am a budget traveler, but I have to tell you, we found out that to visit Botswana we would need to step out of that comfort zone. As we were preparing to plan for our trip, there was just too […]

The Okavango Delta – A New World Heritage Site

Okavango Delta

A Mokoro Safari On our road trip through southern Africa, our main goal was to experience as many safaris as possible. We saw the most wildlife in the country of Botswana. The Okavango Delta has a unique ecosystem that doesn’t follow […]

Chobe’s Swimming Elephants

Chobe swimming Elephants

One of our travel highlights – The Chobe River Cruise! The first real safari we did in southern Africa was at the Chobe National Park in northern Botswana. We had flown in to Livingstone and spent a few days visiting […]

Mud Hut Village in Botswana

Village Botswana

One of many mud hut villages along the highway in Botswana It’s fascinating to me to see where and how people live. These mud huts do not look that comfortable, and I know they had to fetch their water from […]

Reflection #610 – Beautiful Metallic Bird in Botswana

Bird Botswana

Botswana was full of beautiful birdlife. I was completely mesmerized by the metallic wings on this guy.Such a gorgeous bird. Driving through Botswana on our own safari, Jim and I marvelled at not only the abundance of fascinating mammals but […]

Reflection #584 – Giraffe in Botswana

Giraffe Botswana

There’s nothing more awkward than a giraffe trying to drink water. Spread-legged and thirsty, this young one hurries to take a drink while his partner stands guard. And they definitely were smart to take turns, while the other watches for […]

Reflection #534 – Seronga, Botswana

Seronga Botswana

Driving to Seronga in the very colorful country of Botswana was wild, just like Africa…wild! First, we didn’t realize how isolated it was. We didn’t know that the one and only gas station would close down within minutes of our […]

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